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19 October 2017

IRU has been the target of several emails and social media posts from anonymous and unofficial IRU addresses today.  The emails come from an anonymous source, seemingly with the objective of defaming senior management and harming IRU’s image and reputation. 

One of the emails, “IRU crimes in Moldova” from “”, claims that IRU senior management has jailed and tortured an innocent man in Moldova and is stealing 1 billion Euros of traders money.  

This email and defamatory statement is false and IRU has already initiated necessary steps to investigate the source of this anonymous e-mail, and for taking appropriate legal action.

Two other emails were sent out from two separate anonymous and unofficial IRU addresses, “”, and, accusing three IRU senior management of harassment and encouraging people to connect on unofficial social media accounts. Again, these are wrong and defamatory statements and are also being investigated. 

This deliberate campaign against IRU’s reputation and the reputation of senior management appears linked to previous similar actions since April 2016 and we cannot exclude that additional defamatory and misleading messages will follow.