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IRU Resolution on the implementation of the European Electronic Register for Road Transport Undertakings (ERRU), (2013)

Despite the entry into force of new EU rules on access to the profession for road goods and passenger transport operators in December 2011 which should have created more harmonisation, the Member States continue their divergent interpretation and implementation of the rules. This became clear once again with the establishment of the European Electronic Register of Road Transport Undertakings (ERRU) which, 4 months after the deadline, is still not fully operational. Therefore, the IRU renews its call to the European Commission, the Member States and the European Parliament to prepare a further harmonised EU legal framework for access to the profession and its enforcement in order to further reduce differences in interpretation and implementation.

Published on: 30/04/2013 - 13:15
Author: IRU
Type of document: Policy documents
Category: Trade facilitation and transit, Decarbonisation, Goods transport, Digitalisation, Passenger transport
Region: Europe
Size: 3 pages