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IRU Resolution on the functioning of the TIR system in the Kyrgyz Republic, (2007)

The IRU stresses that although customs authorities are indeed allowed to undertake appropriate controls, interference by public and customs authorities should be kept at a minimum. Indeed, since 2000, Kyrgyz AIA has had the role of TIR issuing and guaranteeing association in the Kyrgyz Republic and, since then, more than 40,000 TIR Carnets have regularly been accepted and properly terminated by the customs authorities concerned. However, despite these achievements, the association has been subjected by the Kyrgyz customs to numerous audits which have paralysed its activities.

Published on: 09/11/2009 - 14:30
Author: IRU
Type of document: Policy documents
Category: Trade facilitation and transit, Goods transport, Road safety
Region: Kyrgyzstan
Size: 2 pages