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IRU Position on tracking and tracing in combined transport, (2008)

The IRU analyses the creation by the European Commission in 1999 of Galileo, a European satellite positioning system considered as a potentially great improvement in the quality and the value-added services in the road transport industry, thanks to its data communications applications such as tracking and tracing systems. However, the IRU warns that if governments use these data to impose certain routes, it may have the opposite effect. The IRU therefore recognises the benefits of data communications applications, provided that each actor in the supply chain remains free to choose the means of transport and the data communications tools they use.

Published on: 13/03/2008 - 12:05
Author: IRU
Type of document: Policy documents
Category: Trade facilitation and transit, Governance, Digitalisation, Decarbonisation
Region: Europe
Size: 2 pages