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Cabotage & Goods transport contracts in non-EU countries

Survey on cabotage and on the various elements needed to fix prices and national terms governing the goods transport contract in 5 non-EU countries.

For each country, the information provided is the following: 

  • Definition of cabotage
  • Regulations
  • Start and limits of cabotage rights by non-residents
  • Freight Charges
    (Countries where carriage charges may be freely set: Professional / customary / other rules relating to adjustments to carriage charges as a function of fuel price changes, Remuneration for excessive vehicle immobilisation during loading and unloading operations, Amount of additional remuneration in case of excessive immobilisation)
  • Terms governing contracts of carriage
    (Form of the contract, Legislation governing national contracts of carriage, Major features of the liability of carriers, Concurrence of contractual and non-contractual claims, Duration of the carrier’s liability (beginning, end), Ceiling for compensation in case of damage to or loss of the goods, Definition of delay when the parties have not agreed a time-limit for delivery, Compensation for other losses (loss of profit, moral losses, special interest, c.f. CMR articles 24 and 26, etc.), Liability ceiling in case of wilful misconduct or default considered as equivalent to wilful misconduct, Responsibility for loading, stowage and unloading, Carrier’s liability for the actions of third parties, Legal obligation to insure liability arising from the contract of carriage, Carriers’ right of retention of the goods and other rights (security, preferential right), Obligation to draw up a consignment note, Reasons entitling the carrier to refuse taking over the goods, Change in the place designated for delivery and name of consignee, Time of delivery of the goods, Maximum time-limit for payment of the carrier’s invoices, Periods of limitation for claims by the claimant or carrier)
  • Monitoring of carriers’ compliance with regulations governing cabotage
    (Enforcing authorities entitled to monitor cabotage, Sanctions applicable to carriers who fail to comply with regulations governing cabotage, Appeals against sanctions)

Published on: 11/01/2017 - 17:08
Type of document: Technical documents
Category: Goods transport
Region: Non EU, Global