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American Trucking Associations (ATA): Trucking Moves America Forward – Trade Moves North America Forward

Data Shows the US Trucking Industry is a Large Beneficiary of North American Trade

U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico has surged since the enactment of the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Since 1995, the value of goods traveling via truck across both the northern and southern borders jumped 168% and totaled nearly $712 billion in 2015.This increase in trade has created or supported tens of thousands of jobs in the United States, with motor carriers, suppliers and shippers, underscoring the benefits of free trade.

Published on: 14/10/2016 - 16:03
Type of document: Statistics
Category: Trade facilitation and transit, Goods transport
Region: North America, United States of America, Canada
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