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France Lyon

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Goods transport, Associate corporate, Service Provider

Established in 2005, Axxès is the first European provider of services aiming at lowering costs for road hauliers, designing and marketing intelligent solutions for toll collection within the scope the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) and offering valued added services to optimize the drivers journeys and fleet managers day to day activities.

Axxès electronic toll collection services facilitate European mobility with a concrete services offering by:

• Providing the best fit On-Board Equipment (OBE) solution, in either the form of a device or an application to increase road efficiency across Europe
• Rolling-out advanced geolocation systems and real-time data management to improve responsiveness and foresight
• Serving the toll collection and map matching reference platform used by multiple Fleet Card Issuers and other EETS Providers

With over 300,000 vehicles equipped, Axxès enables freight and passenger transporters to operate easily throughout all the EU countries, significantly reducing their administrative burden (one contract and one device for one invoice), traffic bottlenecks as well as the noise and atmospheric pollution associated with road usage.

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