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 Sustainable Mobility from a Global Perspective meeting
17 Jan 2023 - 09:00 CET

Sustainable Mobility from a Global Perspective meeting

online | IRU participation

Organised by EUTECH - European Technology Chamber

Mobility is an important driver for several UN SDGs, as it has a fundamental impact on economic development, industry and SMEs, as well as trade and investment. It has the potential to foster employment and prosperity and reduce inequalities and exclusion. 
On the other hand, mobility brings many challenges to the implementation of the SDGs, such as the need to reduce climate and environmental impacts, improve sustainable energy supply and transport safety, and address issues related to jobs and decent work in the supply chain. 
Together with the experts, this event will explore possible consequences in the transformation towards a future mobility in this area of tension

Stasa Mrdovic, IRU Manager - Passenger Transport will be part of this meeting.


Stasa Mrdovic
Stasa Mrdovic
IRU Manager - Passenger Transport