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project44 - How Shippers are Evaluating Carriers to Meet Today’s Challenges
29 Mar 2022 - 14:00 CEST

project44 - How Shippers are Evaluating Carriers to Meet Today’s Challenges

online | IRU participation

This public event is organised by IRU member project44.

The complexity of modern supply chains and their vulnerability to unexpected disruptions have increased the need for visibility of shipments and orders in transit.

So, how important in the scheme of things is visibility in shipper selection of transportation partners? The research firm Transport Intelligence recently conducted a survey of global shippers on behalf of project44 to assess the critical factors for shippers when evaluating and selecting carriers. The research also examined what are the most pressing transportation issues facing global shippers.

The research findings provide a clear picture of the challenges facing global shippers today, the factors behind carrier selection to improve delivery performance, and the growing importance of visibility for doing business.

This webinar will cover:

  • What factors have been the most significant in causing supply chain disruptions the past six months
  • What criteria shippers today are using to select carriers
  • Why visibility has become a pre-requisite for transportation partners to do business with shippers
  • How real-time visibility platforms can lead to more fruitful conversations with carriers to improve delivery performance


Marie-Anne Cervoni, Senior Manager - Strategy & Market Intelligence at IRU, will be part of the discussion.



Marie-Anne Cervoni
Marie-Anne Cervoni
Senior Manager - Strategy & Market Intelligence