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POLITICO Spotlight: “Charging up Europe: the road to Paris”
31 Mar 2022

Politico Spotlight - Charging up Europe: the road to Paris

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POLITICO Spotlight: “Charging up Europe: the road to Paris” at Shell and Mercedes-Benz’s event “On the road to climate neutrality: Powering zero-emission vehicles”

Questions to be addressed include: 

  • What is the main bottleneck for the EU to decarbonize its road fleet: infrastructure, investment, innovation, or vehicles ?  
  • Is there a commercial business case for recharging infrastructure and who is responsible? How to strike the balance between private and public investment?  
  • Are the targets the Commission’s proposed high enough, or are they too high?  
  • How can the EU offer countries flexibility without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the incoming rules? 
  • How can the EU avoid a two-speed Europe and ensure that laggard countries hasten the development of charging infrastructure?  
  • What is the role of CO2 standards and by how much should they go up to keep this green transformation going? 
  • Technology neutrality: should there be investment in hydrogen?