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Moving on from NAFTA to USMCA: What’s in it for road transport?
23 Jul 2020 - 17:00 CEST

Moving on from NAFTA to USMCA: What’s in it for road transport?

Online | IRU event

IRU webinars address the road transport industry’s most pressing challenges.

Canada, Mexico and the US created the largest global trade zone under NAFTA, tightly weaving together supply chains and transportation networks from factories to assembly plants to retail outlets.

Trucks move about 70% of North American surface trade by value. And though some promises were left unfulfilled, including for cross-border trucking, strong industry alliances formed over the years. Political and technological evolution have now led to change from the top. Few dispute that there was a need to modernize NAFTA and some argue that USMCA has done just that. But does trucking share that vision?

Does a post-COVID19 business environment provide an opportunity for USMCA to have a fresh start and a chance to grow?  Are the pandemic crisis, regional economic contraction and global trade-wars conducive to strengthening regional integration and “near-shoring” manufacturing from Asia back to North America?

Is the new agreement a watershed change for North American Trade flows?  Or simply an updated NAFTA, under which North American integration, from manufacturing to services to supply chains, took a front seat in the 26 years during which the agreement’s rules applied?
Join transport and logistics business leaders from North America to share unique perspectives from inside the industry on the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing road transport as the USMCA kicks off this month.


  • Derek Leathers, Vice Chairman, President and CEO, Werner Enterprises (USA)
  • Jorge Casares López, General director, Alianza Trayecto (Mexico)
  • Dan Einwechter, Founder and CEO of Challenger Motor Freight (Canada)

Moderator: Martin Rojas, Senior Adviser for the Americas, IRU 
Time: 11:00 (US EST)
Language: English and Spanish