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London Mobility Summit
1 - 30 Jun 2024

London Mobility Summit

London | Other events

2nd Edition The Autonomous Vehicle Future: Smart Mobility Living Lab and Woolwich Works

The London Mobility Summit 2024, uniting top minds in tech, policy, business, and scalability to transform urban living. Explore AV tech, connectivity, and their potential to create sustainable, efficient cities:

  • Uncover essential policies, standards, and regulations for global AV deployment safety.
  • Reveal the business benefits of AVs, including cost savings and revenue opportunities.
  • Chart the AV Roadmap, merging tech, policy, and business for future mobility.
  • Discuss AV's impact on people and goods movement, including delivery automation.
  • Witness scalable, eco-friendly AV solutions for cities worldwide.

Join the London Mobility Summit 2024 to collaborate, share ideas, and shape urban mobility's future. Connect with stakeholders, exchange best practices, and foster AV solutions for global cities.