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IRU breakfast on Platform Workers Directive
23 Nov 2022 - 08:30 CET

IRU breakfast on Platform Workers Directive

Strasbourg | IRU meetings | Invitation only

IRU is organising a breakfast discussion for EU members only, on Platform Workers Directive in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France) on 23 November from 08:30 to 09:30. The debate will be hosted by MEP Marian Jean Marinescu, coordinator of the EPP political group in the Transport committee of the Parliament. 

The European Parliament is in an advanced stage to class quasi-all businesses in the EU as “digital platforms” and, hence, massively reclassify self-employed collaborators of any type of business as employees under the Platform Workers Proposal. This approach completely deviates from the original purpose of the Proposal which, as its name states, was to correct speculative behaviour of several platforms that have created human inequity and avoided due social and tax contributions to national schemes. We would like to revert this trend and limit the scope of the upcoming legislation to pure internet-based platforms. 

At the breakfast debate, the discussion will focus on the definition and criteria for 'digital labour platforms'.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from different political groups will be invited to attend the breakfast so that we can have a balanced and proportionate discussion on this legislation. 

The event will be exclusively in person and upon invitation for EU members only (received by email).


Raluca Marian
Raluca Marian
Director EU Advocacy / General Delegate of the Permanent Delegation to the EU