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Forum Internazionale del Trasporto
13 - 14 Nov 2024

Forum Internazionale del Trasporto

Rome | IRU participation | Invitation only

The Conftrasporto-Confcommercio Transport and Logistics Forum is by now recognised as one of the sector's most prestigious and popular events. Now in its ninth edition, the event aims once again this year to animate public debate - especially in light of geopolitical tensions and the new European legislature - and to make a decisive contribution to the orientation of our country's transport policy.

The ninth Conftrasporto Forum will take place on 13 and 14 November 2024, at the Confederal headquarters in Rome.

Thanks to the participation of high-profile scientific and institutional speakers, an overview of international scenarios and the geopolitical context will be provided first of all. Furthermore, topics of primary interest and topicality will be addressed, such as the choices that the new Europe will be called upon to make, the theme of the twin transitions, and the policies that will be adopted.

Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General will be speaking during the forum taking place in Rome, Italy.


Umberto de Pretto
Secretary General

Confederal Headquarters
Piazza Giuseppe Gioachino Belli
200153 Rome, Italy