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19 Feb 2019

EU vision to decarbonise road transport

Bucharest | IRU event

IRU / UNTRR event: "EU vision to decarbonise road transport - Challenges & solutions for road transport operators"

The challenge of reducing emissions and shifting to cleaner transport is one faced by all transport operators today. Toughening legislation, city access restrictions, demands from shippers and fuel insecurity are increasingly pushing this to the forefront of operators concerns. But this challenge also brings opportunities to cut costs by reducing fuel consumption. 

So how is European and local policy evolving to support this shift? And what are the best ways to reduce emissions?


09:30 - 09:50 | Registration and coffee

09:50 - 09:55 | Welcoming words by Radu Dinescu, UNTRR Secretary General 

09:55 - 10:00 | Opening address by Raluca Marian, IRU Senior Adviser Passenger Transport

10:00 - 11:00 | EU Mobility Packages - Environmental proposals on CO
- emissions and taxation

A panel discussion with a range of speakers including European and Romanian policy-makers, ACEA and civil society to discuss the environmental policy framework, ongoing legislative proposals and implications for the sector. 

Keynote presentation: Isabelle Vandoorne - European Commission, Deputy Head of Unit Sustainable and Intelligent Transport (DG MOVE)

-    Romanian Presidency of the Council –  Marius Alban, Ministry of Transport
-    Romanian Ministry of Transport –  Elena Popa 
-    Maria Grapini –  Member of the European Parliament (S&D)
-    ACEA – Thomas Fabian, Commercial Vehicles Director 


11:00- 12:00 | Mobility Packages - latest evolutions at the European level

This session will give a brief update on the current status of Mobility Package 1-3 files in the decision-making process. 

-    Ana Claudia Tapardel - Member of the European Parliament (S&D) - Video Message
-    Marian-Jean Marinescu - Member of the European Parliament (EPP) - Video Message
-    UNTRR - Radu Dinescu,  Secretary General 
-    Maria Grapini –  Member of the European Parliament (S&D)
-    IRU - Raluca Marian, Senior Adviser Passenger Transport


12:00 - 12:15 | Coffee break 


12:15 - 13:15 | City access restrictions
This session will address the increasing number of city access restrictions across Europe which are having significant impacts on road transport operators. The panel will include cities who are active in this field, operators who have been impacted and IRU representative.

-    POLIS - Ivo Cré, Director Policy & Projects
-    Bucharest City Hall - Andrei George Creci, General Director for Transport STB
-    Eurocities - Thomas Willson, Policy Advisor and Project Coordinator
-    IRU - Raluca Marian, Senior Adviser Passenger Transport
-    European Commission (DG MOVE) - Isabelle Vandoorne, Deputy Head of Unit Sustainable and Intelligent Transport
-    University of Pitesti - Adrian Clenci, SIAR and Director of Department Automobiles and Transport

13:15 - 14:15 | Lunch break

14:15 - 15:30 | Carbon footprinting – requirements and reporting tools for road hauliers  
The aim of this session will be to debate on the challenges posed by the calculation of carbon emissions in the supply chain and to show that carbon footprinting of logistics operations can be used to reduce operational costs by identifying opportunities to lower fuel consumption. The GLEC framework, will be introduced and the outcome of the European-funded project LEARN will be presented. Shippers and road transport operators will also have the floor to express their view on that topic. The session will also include an award ceremony for the LEARN Champions from Romania.

-    CLECAT – Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General 
-    TNO – Igor Davydenko, Adviser and Research Scientist 
-    TK'Blue Agency - Philippe Payen, Vice-President Strategy
-    Practicom - Constantin Banta, Director for Risk Control

15:30 - 15:45 | Award Ceremony 

15:45 - 16:00 | Coffee break 

16:00 - 17:00 | Road Transport Decarbonisation – what are the solutions for road transport operators?
This session will offer a number of companies and associations the opportunity to discuss their solutions for decarbonising road transport, including Hydrogen Europe on alternative fuel solutions, AlertGasoil on fuel consumption meters and manufacturers, as well as hearing from transport operators on how they are taking action. 

-    Romanian Auto Register - George Adrian Dinca, General Director
-    Hydrogen Europe - Sabrine Skiker, Communications & EU Policy Manager
-    Scania - Andreea Dumitrescu, Sales Director
-    Van Eck Group - Ton Bertens, Research and Development
-    AlertGasoil - Mickael Drombry, General Manager

17:00- 17:10 | Closing address by Radu Dinescu, UNTRR Secretary General 

Moderated by Dave Keating, Journalist

Intercontinental Hotel
4 Bulevardul Nicolae Balcescu
Bucharest, Romania