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EMN Spanish Presidency Conference
16 - 17 Nov 2023

EMN Spanish Presidency Conference

Madrid (hybrid) | IRU participation

Shaping the future of EU legal migration: where are we and where do we want to go?

The European Union faces complex challenges in the area of migration. The EU and its Member States are facing demographic challenges, including declining populations and shrinking labour forces, that require viable legal migration strategies to attract the talent and skills needed from abroad, notably for economic recovery overall and the transition to digital and green economies.

This conference will be taking place one year and a half after the adoption of the Skills and Talent package and shortly after the adoption of the EU Talent Pool legislative proposal. This will therefore be a key moment to reflect on the progress made so far, bringing key high-level players together to set a more long-term vision for labour migration to the EU.

Given the priorities of the Spanish Presidency, this conference provides a space for these discussions and debates to unfold at the highest levels. the event will bring together high-level speakers and experts, including Commissioners, interested MEPs, EU Ministers, European social and economic partners, as well as representatives from non-EU Countries currently involved in the development of Talent Partnerships.

Patrick Philipp, Director Certification & Standards, will be speaking from 9:10 to 10:50 during the Expert Session 2, "A sector-wide vision: Long-term care, transport and construction sectors".

Registration closed on 9 November.

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Patrick Philipp
Director Certification & Standards

Calle Alfonso XI, 1 Madrid – Sala Maluquer