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EBIC Summit 2024
12 - 13 Jun 2024

EBIC Summit 2024

Brussels | IRU participation | Invitation only

The European Biostimulants Industry Council Summit 2024 is an invitation-only event where policymakers, farmer representatives, food chain leaders, NGOs, academics, and industry will discuss how to work together to create opportunities for more resilient food systems in the face of volatility. This summit will include keynote addresses, panel discussions, and roundtables.

The event will take place from 12 to 13 June at Sparks Venue in Brussels starting with a cocktail reception on 12 June at Jardin Hospice in Brussels and continuing with the summit on 13 June.

This year’s Summit will address two subthemes:

Ensuring food security and quality in times of turbulence

Farmers are faced with a dizzying array of improved seeds, irrigation, precision and digital agriculture, plant biostimulants, fertilizers, crop protection products, crop insurance, and other tools that all claim to help them farm more sustainably when used correctly. Farmers somehow need to make sense of all this information to weave together the best package for their crops, their soils, the value chains buying their harvests, and policy restrictions.

Supporting farmers in times of turbulence

The pandemic triggered an overnight, seismic shift in eating patterns and food needs. As if this disruption were not enough, agrifood value chain actors in recent years have had to contend with extreme weather events, logistical bottlenecks, high energy costs, inflation, uncertainty over certain fertilizer supplies (for farmers) and raw materials (for food and beverage companies). Insurance is one classic method for mitigating risks. Biostimulants also provide a form of insurance by helping crops cope with abiotic stresses, both to ensure that the crop doesn’t die before harvest and to help safeguard quality traits so that farmers receive the best possible price for what they grew. How can we work together creatively to collectively manage risks?


Raluca Marian, IRU Director EU Advocacy & General Delegate will participate on Session 1: Ensuring food security and quality in times of turbulence during the second panel on “Working towards the common cause of robust agricultural and food supply chains” from 10:05 to 10:50 (Local Time, CEST) on 13 June 2024 in Brussels.


Raluca Marian
Raluca Marian
Director EU Advocacy & General Delegate

Sparks Venue
Rue Ravenstein 60
1000 Brussels, Belgium