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Decarbonisation of HDVs and the role of biodiesel
19 Sep 2023 - 08:30 CEST

Decarbonisation of heavy-duty vehicles and the role of biofuels

Brussels | IRU participation

Organised by ALDE Party Secretariat.

Decarbonisation faces a major challenge when it comes to transportation of goods and people. As Europe strives to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050, there are several obstacles that need to be addressed.

Transportation is crucial for the European economy, and Heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) play a vital role in this regard. While electric vehicles have gained significant popularity in personal and civil sectors, the majority of HDVs still rely on combustion engines. HDVs require substantial power and storage capacity to cover long distances. While local infrastructure can readily support large vehicles with shorter distances such as city buses, the same cannot be said for haulage trucks, ships, or airplanes.

One potential solution lies in biofuels, particularly biodiesel. Biofuels can be utilized in modern combustion engines and often result in lower carbon emissions.

In this panel discussion, current revisions of HDV CO2 standards, the role that biofuels can play in decarbonization, and how they can contribute to European energy security, will be explored.

Raluca Marian, IRU Director of EU Advocacy and Brussels General Delegate, will be participating in the discussion.

Other speakers in the discussion:

  • Jan-Christoph Oetjen MEP, Vice Chair of the TRAN committee, European Parliament
  • Ondřej Kovařík MEP, European Parliament
  • Dickon Posnett, President, European Biodiesel Board
  • Carlo Hamelinck, Partner, Studio Gear Up
  • 08:30  Reception
  • 09:00  Welcome & Introductory remarks
  • 09:05  Panellist opening remarks
  • 09:25  Moderated discussion / Q&A
  • 10:00  Closing


Raluca Marian
Raluca Marian
Director of EU Advocacy and Brussels General Delegate

ALDE Party Secretariat
Rue d'Idalie 11, 1050 Brussels