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CANACAR General Assembly 2024
20 Mar 2024 - 16:00 CET

CANACAR General Assembly 2024

Mexico City | IRU participation | Invitation only

The National Chamber of Freight Transportation (CANACAR) is a public interest institution, governed by the Law of Business Chambers and their Confederations and represents the general interests of the freight transportation industry in Mexico.

It is the consultative body of the State for the approach and solution of the problems and needs of the sector, with the important task of promoting and assisting in the modernisation and development of this important strategic industry for the country's economy.

CANACAR is hosting the 2024 General Assembly on Wednesday, 20 March from 9:00 to 19:30 (Local Time, GMT-6). The day of activities in the framework of its Ordinary General Assembly includes the forum "Women Transforming Mexico", an Inauguration Ceremony and to end the day, a Dinner and Ball.

Martin Rojas, Senior Adviser - The Americas will be attending the event. 

Av. Santa Fe 270, Santa Fe,
Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City