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21 - 22 Nov 2023

2023 SPECA Economic Forum

Baku | IRU participation

Transforming the SPECA Region into a Connectivity Hub with Global Outreach

The regional energy system in Central Asia contains huge untapped potential and, together with partners in the region, SPECA participating States are working to diversity energy transit routes and sources to global markets. In the meantime, participating States are also developing their infrastructure for integration of large-scale energy generation capacity and enhancing regional energy connectivity and energy trade through cooperation to improve the resiliency of the energy system and the energy security in Central Asia. An integrated and interconnected energy system, which encompasses the electricity and gas grid and enables the transport and trade of low-carbon and green hydrogen, can help create a more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy supply. It will allow for deep decarbonisation as well as increased and more effective integration of scaled renewable energy capacity into the energy system. This all is expected to positively contribute to the sustainable development of the economy, generate new jobs and improve gender equality.

This Forum is planned as an expert-level meeting providing opportunities to inform and exchange views through panel discussions, formulating new ideas and initiatives on issues related to trade, transport, digitalization, and energy in the SPECA region. As a result of the Forum, participants will help prepare a set of conclusions and expert level recommendations on how to transform the SPECA region into a well-connected and sustainable hub for trade and transport with global outreach, while achieving relevant SDGs. The final session of the Forum will feature academic and research institutions for a discussion on strategic foresight perspective for SPECA, with a long-term for harnessing international cooperation to consolidate economic cooperation and integration for the next 25 years. 

Tatiana Rey-Bellet, Director TIR & Transit, will be speaking during Session II on Transport connectivity for more efficient Euro-Asian transport links on 21 November from 16:00 to 17:45 (GMT +4).


Tatiana Rey-Bellet
Director TIR & Transit

Baku, Azerbaijan