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SK 21.04.22
Slovakia: Humanitarian transport toll exemptions
Goods, Passenger
Goods, Passenger
Slovakia: Humanitarian transport toll exemptions

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, transport of humanitarian aid and refugees is exempted from toll payments in Slovakia. The vehicle operator or driver must prove that the transportation of humanitarian aid or refugees is certified by the state administration body. It is also necessary to register the vehicle, which will be carrying the humanitarian transport.

Information for foreign hauliers
In this case, for the transport of humanitarian aid or refugees, the certificate of the foreign administration body must be also confirmed:
- if the humanitarian aid is unloaded in Slovakia – by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
- in case of transit of the humanitarian aid through Slovakia - by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

How to register
The easiest way to register your vehicle (over 3,5 t) as being exempt from electronic tolls is to apply for registration through the toll contact point.

The application must include:
- confirmation of the state administration body including the time limit of the journey
- vehicle registration number
- signature and stamp
- email contact

Retroactivity of the exemption from the toll payment for humanitarian aid
The exemption from toll payments in Slovakia also applies retroactively from 26 February 2022. In the event that the vehicle operator or driver has made a toll payment from this date for the transport of humanitarian aid or refugees, the law gives them the opportunity to request the toll administrator to return the payment no later than six months from the end of the emergency situation in Slovakia.

How to request a toll refund
The haulier can request a refund by sending an email to, through the customer portal at, or in person at the toll contact point.

Source: CESMAD Slovakia