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FAI - Federazione Autotrasportatori Italiani


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Associate, Goods transport

Established in 1963, the Federazione Autotrasportatori Italiani (FAI) is the largest trade association of transport entrepreneurs working on behalf of third parties in Italy and is managed and supported entirely by road hauliers. FAI’s main objective is to support policies that promote the interests of their associates in Italy, Europe, and beyond.

For the past 50 years, FAI has been the most present Italian haulage Federation, thanks to its 42 local associations that make up more than 8,600 road haulage companies.

As a non-profit making organisation, FAI plays an important role in effective communication between haulage companies and institutions, providing advice and support to their membership to ensure that differences of opinion do not turn into major conflicts, and providing assistance such as tax and accountancy services for enterprises, and training for entrepreneurial operators.

FAI Service provides a range of services for members and works directly with organisations such as the Port Authority, the Transport Safety Commission, and the Italian Register of Environmental Operators.

Additionally, FAI has been promoting and financing social initiatives in Italy and all over the world for many years, working in partnership with recognised non-profit associations.

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