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Road transport

Road transport

Bringing people and places closer together

We do everything we can to protect and develop road transport. Why? Because it’s one of the most fundamental components of strong economies, industries and societies.

Imagine a world without roads. Our daily lives would be immeasurably changed without them. But as much as we take them for granted, it takes a huge global effort to keep road transport running smoothly.

Making connections – why we have to protect road transport

Roads bring people together. Throughout history, countries with strong road transport have developed far quicker than those without.

Roads connect people and businesses to world markets and to all other kinds of transport, which creates all kinds of good things – trade, jobs, tourism, better distribution of wealth and a more unified world.

It allows you to buy items online from other countries, other continents, and have them arrive at your door in just a few days.

So anything that hinders road transport hinders all of us. And anything that helps it to grow will benefit everyone.That’s why we not only protect the road transport industry, but also help it to develop.  

Today’s trucks, buses, coaches and taxis are safer, more efficient, cleaner and quieter than ever before. They use the best technology available to keep the world moving and help us enjoy a better tomorrow.