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The Global Anti-Corruption Initiative

Whether you’re a driver on the road, or a manager of a road transport firm, it’s likely you’ve had an experience with corruption, bribery, or extortion.

IRU is committed to working with our partners to crack down on this kind of crime.

IRU has gathered experiences of corruption to full understand the scale of this issue on major transport routes, and in cooperation with the United Nations Global compact has analysed the impact of this phenomena on transport operators.

What is corruption?

Very basically, corruption is when someone abuses their power for personal gain. This could be anything from a custom’s officer asking for payment to allow a truck through a border or someone offering a police officer a bribe to escape a ticket.

The true cost of corruption

Corruption can happen at all levels of society and affects everyone.

While it’s easy to think a bribe is simply a couple of dollars, a recent report has suggested that over US$ 1.6 trillion is lost out of the global economy every year. The report also blames corruption for up to 3.6 million deaths a year.

Corruption stops private investment and increases the cost of doing business. Companies are less likely to expand into areas where corruption is rife, stifling international trade. Dishonest public officials reduce economic growth and can lead to political instability. Lack of government resources means less investment in health care, agriculture, and infrastructure.

It’s no wonder that fighting corruption is a priority issue for both governments and international organisations like IRU.

What can you do help?

There are two very simple ways you can help stop the spread of corruption:

  • Take action: if you or someone you know has experienced corruption while on the road, speak up. Fill out this simple e-questionnaire and let us know what happened.

  • Spread the word: share this page with your friends and colleagues. Why not post it on social media? Only by starting a conversation and raising awareness will we make an impact.

Remember, corruption affects everyone and won’t stop unless we make a stand.