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Focus campaigns

A focus on the issues affecting the industry

IRU actively shapes the future of the industry, working with businesses, industry experts, CEOs, politicians, researchers and everyone else involved in road transport – at regional, national or global level.

Our campaigns and focused initiatives are directed in four key advocacy areas: economy, safety, community and environment. The aim is to drive forward critical solutions for the road transport industry with leading international organisations, such as the United Nations, World Bank, World Customs Organization, governments and policy-influencers to achieve change. Together with our members and their contacts on the ground, we put a spotlight on the critical issues affecting the industry at the national and international level.

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In Europe, it is through our policy making in Brussels and by taking an active role in decisions made within the European Union. In the rest of the world, we initiate campaigns that interested transport and commercial and governmental partners can drive forward.

Some key initiatives currently in the spotlight include:

  • Smart Move
  • Buses and coaches are the backbones of personal mobility and an optimal response to current and future environmental challenges. Join IRU's Smart Move campaign to champion the role of bus and coach in the future mobility ecosystem.

IRU Driver Portal
Putting a spotlight on professional drivers: the Driver Portal is the doorway to the profession, offering practical advice, information on training opportunities and strategic analysis of trends affecting the industry, with a platform for our members to share examples of best practice.

UpTop Global Taxi Network
Joining the UpTop network is an opportunity to come together as an industry to promote legal, reliable, high quality and safe services to taxi customers, by making use of the latest smartphone technology in full respect of the regulatory framework. The network is active in five continents with 19 partner apps now encompassing more than 600,000 taxis worldwide. 

Volvo road safety campaign
IRU has teamed-up with Volvo on a safety campaign designed to raise awareness among children. The initiative encourages Volvo’s 100,000 employees as well as the wider industry to get involved in promoting safety sessions for children in their immediate environment, to help them understand how best to behave around trucks, buses and cars to stay safe.