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CAS Round Table on making use of ICT tool (e-learning and simulators) in driver training

CAS Round Table on making use of ICT tool (e-learning and simulators) in driver training

5 Feb 2020 Belgium Brussels

Maximising the training potential of e-learning and simulators

The recently amended EU Driver Training Directive provides the possibility for e-learning and use of top of the range simulators. E-learning based training will not exceed a maximum of 12 hours, yet there is still a strong reticence among a number of national competent authorities towards the use of ICT tools and simulators. This reticence prevents the wider use of e-learning and its clear benefits in terms of efficiency, quality and cost reduction.

The road transport industry believes that the possibilities offered by modern ICT training tools and methods, which have largely proven their efficiency and reliability in other sectors such as university education and air transport, have to be resolutely supported and embraced both by industry and competent authorities. Exchange of good practices in making use of ICT tools and e-learning in both training and exams should be accelerated. 


The objective of this round table is to bring together existing best practices using e-learning and top of the range simulators in driver training. A parallel objective is to showcase excellence in making use of these ICT tools to overcome existing reticence within a number of Member States’ competent authorities, in particular regarding e-learning.


15h00 - 17h30Schuman meeting room, 6th floor

Session 1: Simulators in driver training – learning from the most advanced
  • Keynote submission by Hans Dewit, FCBO, B
  • Keynote submission by Juan Antonio Esteban Bernardo, ALSA
  • Debate  30-40 minutes


Session 2: e-learning – practices, challenges and solutions

  • Keynote submission by Fernando Costa, Interfaces Training, Portugal
  • Keynote submission by Henk van Gelderen, Director Social Fund Mobility, NL
  • Debate  30-40 minutes

IRU Premises
Avenue de Cortenbergh 71
1000 Brussels