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Developing a regulatory framework for innovation

The GECKO project supports policy makers in developing the most suitable regulatory framework for disruptive innovations related to mobility which either create a new market or significantly change the current market landscape. Innovations such as Uber in the taxi business, electric scooters, the Hyperloop and other alternative modes of transport will be looked at.

One key element of the project is the gathering of knowledge through extensive research on these emerging markets and passenger and freight transport markets and of public-private-partnership models will be made. Research will be done on regulatory approaches to commercial transport intermediaries, floating electronic scooters or floating bikes in several European cities. 

IRU's role

IRU’s role in GECKO is to analyse the existing regulatory responses and governance models for disruptive mobility innovations in the European Union. This research will contribute to building the project‘s knowledge bank and will aim at identifying relevant stakeholders to engage for the consultations.  

IRU will also contribute to the deliverables and will support other partners with input in their research, for example, by identifying the political and social variables influencing the regulation. 

“New players make use of the latest technological developments to propose novel mobility solutions and ways of operating which are challenging the existing market and are sometimes causing unrest. This unrest is due to the lack of rules or clarity on rules which should govern these new business models. The implementation of an appropriate regulatory framework is of paramount importance to ensure that on one side mobility services benefit from innovation and on the other side that everyone plays by the same set of rules. GECKO will play a key role in supporting decision makers define a suitable regulatory framework”

Project results

GECKO will advise policy makers about the challenges and policies that need to be addressed to move towards integrated, accessible and sustainable mobility for passenger and freight transport.

GECKO will present an implementation plan, including concrete actions up to 2040, which are necessary to develop suitable regulatory approaches for disruptive innovations. Both, the implementation plan and the policy recommendations, will be summarised in a position paper.

Another significant element of the project is the stakeholder consultation which will help produce policy recommendations regarding disruptive technologies and governance models. The results will be compiled and published as a position paper. 

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10 project partners from 7 European Member States.

Project Coordinator: UITP

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824273