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Taxi Anytime, Anywhere

Taxi Anytime, Anywhere

Championing an iconic mode of transport on our roads

Flexible, comfortable, accessible, safe and green. It’s no wonder that taxis are an iconic mode of transport.

IRU’s Taxi Anytime, Anywhere campaign raises awareness of the crucial role that taxis play in our urban and rural mobility. The campaign features five elements of taxi services.


  • Flexibility
    Taxi’s door-to-door mobility is the most flexible form of public transport available, for all social classes and communities, in rural and urban areas.

    Read the factsheet on Flexibility  in English, French or German.
  • Comfort
    Clean, well-equipped, and with ample room for passengers and luggage, professional taxi drivers keep their vehicles well-maintained, and know their routes like the back of their hand.

    Read the factsheet on Comfort in English, French or German
  • Accessibility

    Taxis in many places can carry wheelchairs and drivers are increasingly trained to meet the specific needs of passengers with disabilities. For many with disabilities, taxis and private hire vehicles are crucial for mobility.

    Read the factsheet on Comfort in English, French or German

In the UK, disabled passengers use taxis and private hire vehicles 67% more often than the general public.

  • Safety
    The safety and security of both customer and driver are prime concerns for taxi professionals. Safety is a key element in taxi licensing and control regulations, as well as in professional taxi driver training.

    Read the factsheet on Safety in English, French or German.
  • Green
    Taxi design and use makes it one of the greenest vehicles on the road. Most fleets in Europe are only three-to-five years old, and therefore fitted with the latest clean vehicle technologies, making them among the cleanest vehicles on the road.

    Read the factsheet on why taxis are so green in English, French or German.

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