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AT 19.04.16
Night closure of the Arlberg Road Tunnel

Due to road works, the Arlberg Road Tunnel on the S 16 Arlberg expressway between Tyrol and Vorarlberg will be closed at night between 20:00 and 5:00 to all traffic in both directions from 25 April to 31 October 2016.

As an alternative route, vehicles will have to take the Arlberg Pass Road (B 197/L 197). The night driving ban for trucks on the B 197/L 197 Arlberg Pass road will therefore be suspended (between 20:00 and 5:00 only) for the whole duration of the tunnel closure.

For more information, please visit Asfinag’s website.

Source: AISÖ

GB 19.04.16
A2 Truck parking area temporary closure (Kent)

The A2 parking “Gravesend (East)” (Nell's Café, Marling Way, Gravesend) is temporarily closed since 26 March 2016 for environmental health and safety reasons.

Highways England advises that this site will have to remain closed for longer than originally anticipated, pending the investigation and subsequent remedial action being safely completed.

Drivers should not park on the sliproads for the junction. Other truck parking areas are available at Medway and Thurrock.

Kent Police are operating a "zero-tolerance approach" to unsafe, illegal parking on hard shoulders and sliproads across the county.

It is anticipated that the Gravesend (East) facility will remain closed until at least Monday 9 May 2016.

Source: RHA

RU 08.04.16
Important changes to the “Platon” Electronic Toll System

As of 15 April 2016, foreign transport operators using Russian Federal Highways will have to register with the Electronic toll collection system (ETCS), intended to compensate the damage caused to Russian Federal highways by vehicles exceeding 12 tons.

The following changes will be implemented:

  • it will only be possible for toll tickets (roadmaps) to be purchased by users registered with the ETCS;
  • single toll tickets (route roadmaps) will no longer be issued (this was a temporary measure for transport operators unable to obtain mandatory registration prior to the launch of the “Platon” ETCS on 15 November 2015);
  • the validity period of toll tickets will be reduced to 7 days.

“Rostransnadzor”, the Federal service for the supervision of transport, is now authorised to impose fines on foreign drivers who have not paid the toll. Enforcement officers also have the right to retain the vehicle until the fine and toll are paid. First time violation will result in a fine of RUB 5 000 (EUR 64,5), increasing to RUB 10 000 (EUR 129) thereafter. It is important to note that a fine can only be imposed once per day for each vehicle. Once the foreign vehicle has crossed the Russian border, it will be possible to cover a distance of up to 50 km without paying toll, on the condition that the next payment will include this route section.

More detailed information can be found at the Platon” ETCS website or in any of 138 Customer service centers. Road users can also call 24/7 hotline +7(495) 540-02-02.

BE 07.04.16
End of demonstrations

By order of the Belgian Minister of Interior, road blocks recently put in place by road transport operators following the entry into force of the Belgian road toll, have been removed.


DE 30.03.16
Closure of the Fechinger Viaduct on the A6

The Fechinger Viaduct on the A6, east of Saarbrücken, has been completely closed to all traffic on safety grounds for an indefinite period.

Vehicles coming from Kaiserslautern and travelling towards Mannheim are advised to take the A8 at the Neunkirchen junction towards the Saarlouis interchange. At the Saarlouis interchange, they should take the A620 towards Lisdorf, continuing on the B269n to Überherrn, and then follow the N33 to the French A4 motorway.

Vehicles coming from France should take the N33 at St Avold to Creutzwald, then change to B 269n to A 620 towards Saarlouis. At the Saarlouis interchange, they should take the A8 to reach the Neunkirchen junction. If they miss the relevant N33 exit, there is a second option via D31 towards Kleinblittersdorf, and from there on to Saarbrücken via B51 or back to A6 via B423 (depending on their destination).

Alternative routing is in the process of being signposted in both directions.

A map is attached for convenience (alternative routing in green).

Source: BGL