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AT 03.03.16
Additional border controls

Since mid-February, twelve more border controls/points were announced to be re-established at the Austrian border:

  • Bad Radkersburg
  • Langegg
  • Karawankentunnel
  • Lavamünd
  • Bleiburg-Grablach
  • Thörl-Maglern
  • Sillian
  • Brenner
  • Brenner (highway)
  • Nauders-Reschenpass
  • Nickelsdorf
  • Heiligenkreuz

For more information, please click here.

Source: AISO

BE 03.03.16
Belgian toll system on 1 April 2016 – latest news

On 1 April 2016 the Kilometre Charging for Heavy Goods Vehicles above 3.5t in Belgium will come into effect. All vehicles must have a working On Board Unit (OBU) on installed. The Satellic OBU is currently the only certified OBU. The OBU supplier advises everyone to order as soon as possible.

The website of the OBU supplier also provides details and examples of the tax and fee documents that need to be uploaded to register your account. Users will have the option of pre-paying or post-payment linked to a credit card. The OBU supplier advises all companies to install OBUs in the vehicles immediately upon receipt, and to use the OBU as much as possible. This is the best way to become familiar with the system. This early commissioning enables you to receive the latest updates on your OBU.

The website address is

Important for Belgian companies: if the Identification Report of your vehicle shows a higher «F3» (Gross Combination Weight Rating) value than the «F1» or «F2» value, and your identification report states a code coupling “9 without”, you are allowed to register «F2» for the vehicle weight, and by absence of this value, the «F1» value. It’s important to upload the Identification Report to the RUP or scan it at a Service Point.

BG GR 29.02.16
Bulgarian-Greek border-crossings

All checkpoints at the Bulgarian-Greek border are now open to traffic.

The Greek protesters have also started removing their blockades (agricultural equipment).

Source: AEBTRI

GR BG 24.02.16
Blockade – Bulgarian-Greek border crossing

As of today, the Bulgarian – Greek border crossing points are closed again due to continuation of the Greek farmers’ protests. In this respect, the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport therefore advises all international transport companies, both goods and passenger, transiting through the territory of Bulgaria direction Greece to use alternative routes for entering Greek territory.

The blockade of the Bulgarian – Greek border crossing points is for an undefined period of time. Kulata-Promachonas and Ilinden-Exochi are already closed to all vehicles and Ormanion -Kapitan Petko Voyvoda is blocked. The road (20kм before the border) to Nimfea - Makaza checkpoint, which is designed for vehicles up to 3.5t, is blocked as well.

Bulgarian road carriers have voiced their intention of starting a counter-blockade which will focus solely on agricultural goods. This counter-blockade may start next Monday if the crisis is not resolved.

Sources: Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, AEBTRI

GB 29.07.15
Operation STACK and cross-Channel freight situation

Operation STACK remains in place on the coastbound M20 between J8 and 11, but Kent Police and Highways England have made the decision and are preparing to close the Londonbound carriageway between Jct 8 & Jct 9 to park freight vehicles up on.

Kent Police is reminding truck drivers that those at the front of the queue will get a ticket to continue their journey to the continent. Those who use the diversions for non-freight traffic in an attempt to get closer to the front, and who do not have a ticket, will be sent to the back of the Op Stack queue.

HGV traffic using the A20 should be aware that there is a railway bridge at Harrietsham that is 4.7m (15’6’).

Eurotunnel services are currently running a very limited service as trains are being checked following the migrant activity last night.

P & O and DFDS services are both operating into Calais, currently running to schedule. DFDS sailing to Dunkirk also operating to schedule. Dover Port is obviously extremely busy.

Source: RHA