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Looking after industry interests

IRU addresses the interests of truck operators, buses, coaches and taxis. However, our influence does not stop there. We believe that roads are the connecting mode between all other forms of transport, from rail and sea to air. Roads are the beating heart of the global transport industry, and this is why many other organisations and industries choose to collaborate and work with IRU.

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Our ambitions are based on action

IRU achieves its goal through a series of practical steps, such as offering knowledge, including research, standards and best practice, creating networks and bringing stakeholders together, as well as global events; promoting advocacy, including projects, campaigns and policy-making; developing cutting-edge services, such as TIR, and essential useful industry tools and innovations.

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Who do we help through our work?

We support IRU members, which are typically national associations for passenger and freight transport, businesses, industry leaders and influencers and associate members, including private sector stakeholders such as Volvo and Scania.

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Who do we partner with?

The United Nations, with whom we have been mandated to deliver TIR, since 1949 is a key IRU partner. Business organisations and customs authorities, the EU Commission, development banks such as the World Bank also partner with us, and IRU is recognised for the role it plays in creating employment globally by advancing trade. We work closely with the UN on Conventions such as hazardous goods transport and road transport in general.

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