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IRU partnership with Non-Governmental Organisations

IRU partnership with Non-Governmental Organisations

The voice of the road transport industry

IRU represents the road transport industry worldwide. Our membership body is made up of national goods and passenger transport associations, together with businesses, governmental organisations and academia.

Members benefit from having their say in policymaking on critical issues that affect not only the transport industry, but society at large. Cleaner, greener, safer transport, access to mobility, improved safety, security, community and concern for the environment are all issues that IRU lobbies for and speaks out on.

A history of NGO partnerships

As a non-governmental organization itself, IRU is well positioned to foster partnerships and collaborations with NGOs. Organisations active in the field of economic and sustainable development, poverty alleviation, mobility, community, transport, logistics, urban planning, socio-economic geography, international relations, environmental management, clean technologies or the future of transport will benefit from IRU membership by being connected to the leading voice in the road transport industry, accessing events and a global network of public figures and business leaders.

Why become an IRU partner?

We operate in over 100 countries, across all five continents, working with businesses, industry experts, CEOs, politicians and researchers involved in mobility and sustainability – at regional, national or global level. Non-governmental organisations can draw on our vast network, services, advocacy and our deep knowledge pool.

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