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IRU partnership with governments

IRU partnership with governments

IRU: helping you on the road to progress

As the world looks to support the United Nations’ latest Sustainable Development Goals, transport, mobility and sustainability remain at the heart of every government’s agenda.

For countries large and small, governments are rapidly seeking solutions to national challenges such as urban congestion, rural transport, mobility, cleaner, greener transport, road and passenger safety, and security of their borders.

IRU, as the voice of the road transport industry, is well positioned to support governments - in particular transport, environment and planning ministries - to leverage road transport to ensure a better overall quality of life. By connecting roads, networks and people, our sector has the potential to improve distribution of wealth through economic, social and environmental development.

Joining IRU connects governments to leading figures, policymakers and the key stakeholders involved in the dialogue around transport, mobility, trade and sustainability. IRU networks and events also provide a vibrant forum for peers to collaborate around the world and benefit from best practices applied in other regions.

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