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IRU partnership for Research

IRU partnership for Research

Our research

Whether it is conducted in-house or in collaboration with industry or academic partners, IRU research reflects not only our values but the fast-moving nature of the road transport industry. Publishing and promoting research is another way that we serve our members, partners and communities at large.

Keeping ahead in a fast-paced industry

As the road transport industry moves at speed, IRU constantly keeps ahead of the latest developments in mobility, security, safety and technology.

IRU’s mission is to create jobs and foster trade, make roads safer, ensure the industry is as green as it can be, and upholding everyone’s right to mobility, or the ability to easily and safely get around.

Research carried out by IRU teams, in collaboration with our partners and industry organisations, is conducted and commissioned from our seven global offices, and reflects the typical activities of IRU in more than 100 countries around the world.

IRU research topics

IRU develops and studies regulatory standards for the road transport industry as well as related road transport standards, for example, ISO regulations. We also address voluntary and industry standards. Typical research topics of interest to IRU include:

  • Public policies

  • Safety, vehicle and driver checklists

  • Statistics

  • Data gathering

  • Charters on sustainable development and road safety

  • Security issues, such as organised crime and anti-corruption

  • Customs security and border crossings

  • Driver safety and health, including AIDS and crash prevention

Who uses or contributes to IRU research?

Many of our partners and members draw upon our research findings, as does the United Nations, the OECD and other key global and academic institutions. These stakeholders also contribute to IRU research efforts, and, over several decades, have helped us study, analyse and draw up guidelines covering many aspects of goods and passenger transport, and the related fields of safety, mobility and the environment.

IRU Projects Award 2015. Best innovation: Digital Matatus, Nairobi

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