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27 Jan 2017

TIR computerisation - 1st IRU regional workshop

Vilnius | IRU event

IRU, in partnership with the Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association LINAVA, welcomes partners from the EU and EU bordering countries in the northern region to join this workshop, aimed at presenting IRU’s vision of the computerisation of the TIR system.

The purpose of TIR computerisation is to bring together the advantages offered by IRU IT tools already in place and computerised customs procedures in order to render the TIR procedure more efficient for all stakeholders.

During the workshop IRU will also present the results of the first eTIR pilot transport operations between Turkey and Iran. 

  • TIR computerisation - 1st IRU regional workshop 
  • Hotel “Artis Centrum”, Room Aida. Totorių g. 23, LT-01120, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 27 January 2017, 9h30 – 18h00 (followed by a Cocktail at the Hotel)

Agenda to be published soon.

Hotel “Artis Centrum”, Room Aida Totorių g. 23, LT-01120
Vilnius, Lithuania