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North American Transportation Forum
14 Sep 2022 - 16:00 CET

North American Transportation Forum

online | IRU event

This IRU North American Transportation Forum (NATF) event focuses on the accelerated pace with which decarbonisation is impacting motor carriers. 

Finding the right balance between reducing vehicle emissions and their CO₂ footprint, and ensuring road transport operations – which all economic sectors depend on – are not negatively impacted, is a central principle for IRU.  

As the industry develops new and alternative technologies to reduce greenhouse gases further, IRU’s Green Compact is an initiative to collect data and information to provide the road transport industry with realistic and pragmatic approaches to meet decarbonisation targets.

Please join the founding members of the NATF – ATA, CANACAR and CTA – and industry suppliers to discuss the next realistic steps to decarbonise transport.

This event will be held virtually by Zoom video conference, in English and Spanish.

The North American Transportation Forum (NATF) brings together IRU members, supply chain leaders, the wider industry and governments to improve cross-border transportation and logistics in the region.