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3 - 4 Aug 2017

5th International Eurasian Taxi Forum

Moscow | IRU participation

International Eurasian Forum is the largest platform in Russia that brings taxi sector users, suppliers and stakeholders together to discuss and debate the role of taxis in the future mobility chain. The event will unite the efforts of public authorities, business communities and the general public for the sustainable development of the taxi industry and generation of effective solutions to improve the quality and safety of taxis.

The key themes at the Forum 2017 will be the state regulation of the taxi industry, transportation security technologies, taxis in the context of the development of urban mobility, the development of taxi businesses, as well as innovative technologies in taxi operations.

In parallel, an exhibition will showcase the latest samples of taxi equipment, auto platforms, software, as well as various services for the taxi industry will be presented.


3 August 2017, 12.45-14.15

Panel Session: Global Taxi Market Challenges: International Practices for Industry Regulation


  • Mr Alexander Starovoitov, Member of the Russian State Duma Committee for Transport and Construction
Keynote speakers:
  • Mr Dmitry Cheltsov, IRU General Delegate to Eurasia
  • Ms Ruth Pärn, Head of City Transport, Tallinn Transport Department, Estonia
  • Mr Toivo Keva, Counselor of the Institution “Tallinn Center for Development and Training”
  • Mr Sergey Semashko, Head of Research Department for Road and Rail Transport, Belarusian Institute of Transport "Transtekhnika"
  • Mr Matic Sopotnik, Coordinator of sustainable transport system development, Department of Business Activities and Transport of the Municipality of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Mr Wim Faber, Taxi expert, Chief editor of Taxi Intelligence
Topics for discussion:
  • What are the global trends of taxi market regulation?
  • Should the regulation adapt to the new technological realities?
  • Do we need a separate regulation for the taxi booking services?
  • What is the role of taxis in sustainable transport development?

 See full 2-day agenda

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