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Getting goods on the road

For nearly 70 years, IRU has led the way on all aspects of goods transport by road, from setting up the international TIR system, to offering training on safe goods handling and driving through our worldwide network of training academies.

More than just a way of getting freight from A to B, our work facilitates global trade: we help nations become more prosperous - and improve their international relations – by enabling more and more countries to do business with each other.


Totally secure, seamless and efficient, TIR, which stands for Transports Internationaux Routiers, came into force in 1949 and is managed by IRU. It's the world’s leading international transport system, recognisable by the square blue plates on trucks. TIR enables companies to easily, quickly and efficiently transport goods between countries by seamlessly passing through multiple borders and customs.


TRANSPark is an app developed by IRU for professional international drivers: It’s a useful tool that holds all the information a driver needs to find rest stops, detailed directions, ports, information of security standards and vital transport points such as weigh bridges. Some versions of the app are country specific, designed for the particular needs of drivers in Africa and Latin America.

What is the TIR System?