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European Commission Mobility Package

European Commission Mobility Package

The Mobility Packages 1,2,3

The European commercial road transport sector employs nearly 11 million people directly, about 5% of total EU employment. Road transport accounts for nearly half of all freight transport operations. Passenger transport is expected to grow by 42% by 2050 and freight transport by more than 60% in the same period. The passenger and freight road transport sectors are hugely important for the European Union's economy and society.

The European Commission's Mobility Package is a collection of three initiatives concerning the governance of commercial road transport in the European Union. It represents the biggest change to EU road transport rules, covering many aspects of the industry's activities.

  • The Mobility Package is intended to address a number of problems or support specific developments within the European road transport sectors. The harmonisation and simplification of the rules resulting in better, more consistent enforcement across all Member States, supporting social fairness, fair competition, improving the environmental performance of road transport operations, and encouraging innovation are just some of the aims of this new package of legislative initiatives. 


The Mobility Packages were released in three waves: the first wave in May 2017, the second in November 2017 and the third in May 2018.

Mobility Package 1 proposal covers the following areas:

  • Access to the road haulage market and access to the profession for passenger & freight transport operators
  • Hired freight transport vehicles
  • Road charging and electronic tolling
  • Driving & rest time rules
  • Posting of workers
  • Enforcement 
  • Vehicle taxation
  • COmonitoring and reporting of Heavy Duty Vehicles

Mobility Package 2 proposal covers the following areas:

  • Access to the bus and coach market
  • Clean Vehicles Directive
  • Combined Transport Directive
  • COstandards for cars & vans
  • Battery initiative

Mobility Package 3 proposal covers the following areas:

  • CO2 standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Digitalisation of freight transport documents (all modes)
  • Deployment of advanced vehicle technology
  • Infrastructure safety management