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The Colombian Federation of Freight Forwarders (COLFECAR)


Colombia Bogota

Member type:
Associate, Goods transport

The Colombian Federation of Freight Forwarders (COLFECAR) was founded in Bogota, Colombia, in 1976 as a non-profit organisation led by General Alvaro Valencia Tovar and a group of goods transport entrepreneurs who were authorised by the Colombian Ministry of Transport to provide this service.

The founders’ basic objective was to create an organisation capable of implementing mechanisms for interpreting the day-to-day realities faced by Colombia’s transport companies, promoting their interests and responding effectively to their needs.

COLFECAR’s mission is to represent and guide the goods transport industry and its logistics, develop strategies for the integral development of the actors in the logistics chain and contribute to the country’s competitiveness.

COLFECAR currently represents 140 haulage companies that together handle more than 70% of all goods in Colombia. These companies, both businesses and cooperatives, operate their own vehicles or use third-party fleets, which represent 45% of the total Colombian vehicle fleet.

COLFECAR is the transport sector’s most representative body in Colombia, having helped shaped the technology used by the companies and introduced industrial standards within the goods transport sector.

An essential element of COLFECAR’s inspiration and actions is its consolidation of industrial and business development in conducting transport activities in Colombia rather than exhibiting or manifesting sectoral power as a public service, which distinguishes COLFECAR’s institutional work from other trade organisations.

COLFECAR’s vision is to make goods transport and logistics a world-class sector that promotes its development, excellence, stakeholders, fundamental ethical principles, social responsibility, business and leadership as a contribution to Colombia’s competitiveness. Through its membership of IRU, COLFECAR hopes that it can continue expanding its contribution to the goods transport industry even further.

Member since:

Juan Miguel DURAN PRIETO (President Executive)