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Volvo-IRU focus campaign

Volvo-IRU focus campaign

Stop, look, wave

IRU has teamed-up with Volvo on a safety campaign designed to raise awareness among children.

The initiative encourages Volvo’s 100,000 employees as well as the wider industry to get involved in promoting safety sessions for children in their immediate environment, to help them understand how best to behave around trucks, buses and cars to stay safe. A training kit was specially developed and made available to help them in their Stop, Look, Wave conversations with children.

Each day, more than 3,400 people die in traffic accidents around the world. While commercial vehicles tend to have a good safety record, they are implicated in about 10% of fatal road accidents. The Volvo Group has developed many pioneering safety features for its products, to limit the impact of traffic accidents on people, however, human behaviour remains the leading cause of accidents on the road. By addressing the way people – and in particular children – behave on and around roads, many accidents could be prevented.

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