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India prioritises TIR

10 May 2018

India’s leading voice for business and industry, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), is implementing TIR at an accelerated pace. 

Presenting at recent meetings in Geneva, Deputy Director of FICCI, Mainak Majumdar, outlined the Indian government’s economic development strategy, with the facilitation of trade a top priority. Exports have reportedly risen over 9% in the last year, making India the 18th largest export economy in the world. 

TIR implementation is now a national concern and a pillar in the government’s strategy to promote trade expansion, particularly along the North-South Transport Corridor. To spearhead TIR’s roll out, FICCI was appointed as the national guaranteeing association for the operation of TIR and has now officially signed the deed of engagement with IRU. 

FICCI members include over 250,000 national and multinational companies from regional chambers of commerce and industry throughout the country.  

FICCI has hit the ground running on the introduction and promotion of TIR, with preparations for IRU’s comprehensive TIR admission audit, a major national campaign to promote TIR among its members and an interview in Forbes India with its Deputy Secretary General, Nirankar Saxena. The article contains information on the TIR system, its importance for India and the role of FICCI in its implementation.

To build momentum for the first TIR transports this summer, FICCI organised high level meetings with managers at national and international corporations and their international business and export departments. Numerous Indian export companies have expressed interest in using TIR, and several are already in discussions to be part of the first TIR shipments.