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I-CVUE – cleaner, greener mobility in urban Europe

6 Apr 2017

Incentives for Cleaner Vehicles in Urban Europe (I-CVUE) – a three year initiative, which actively supported commercial fleet operators to switch to sustainable electro-mobility – has replaced 900 petrol and diesel commercial vehicles with greener, electric vehicles and provided the tools for many more to follow.

The development of greener, cleaner commercial vehicles is important for the environment as well as for our communities, with the operation of electric vehicles in towns and cities helping to ensure a more sustainable future for personal mobility.

By providing coaching and mentoring to operators of large vehicle fleets, the project has offered a compelling business case for switching to electro-mobility, while advising on the most viable types of electric vehicle. Involving ten partners and funded by the European Commission, I-CVUE was originally aimed at a trial of 15 fleets, but was extended to more than 50 fleets.

Boundary conditions relevant for the uptake of electric vehicles were analysed in six European countries (Austria, Germany, Norway, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom), with the analysis representing the basis for the I-CVUE Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) web-tool, enabling a comparison between conventional vehicles (diesel or petrol) and plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicles.

The TCO web-tool will remain available to users until March 2018 on