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Lang Son valley, Vietnam

Advance on Viet Nam’s roadmap to join TIR

30 Mar 2017

Following high level meetings in Hanoi earlier in the month, which continued the momentum for Viet Nam’s possible accession to the TIR Convention, IRU returns this week to run knowledge sharing sessions with public and private stakeholders on the benefits and operational aspects of TIR.

The visit includes a trip to the busiest border crossing between Viet Nam and China – the Lang Son border – where the practical application of TIR will be considered in terms of its potential to drive trade and sustainable development for the region.

Viet Nam’s ratification of the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement combined with China’s accession to TIR, highlight the utility of the system for the country as a tried and tested means to promote regional cooperation on transit and trade facilitation.

As Viet Nam considers the next steps for TIR, the sessions this week are an opportunity to engage representatives from the ministries of transport and finance, Viet Nam customs, the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and transport associations and operators.

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