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Последняя выборочная статистика о пассажирском и туристическом транспорте Европы.
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Selected recent statistics on bus and coach transport in Europe

The International Road Transport Union has asked NEA Transport research and training to update a number of tables and figures in the 1999 IRU/NEI report on productivity in road transport. Beyond updating statistical information on goods road transport, as presented in the IRU/NEI 1999 study, NEA has been requested to add, to the extend possible and depending on the information available, similar information on passenger road transport by bus and coach (scheduled and unscheduled). This report contains the results of the study for passenger road transport. Where appropriate, the paragraphs first show the original table or figure from the IRU/NEI report, followed by an updated table/figure. In the tables and graphs as much as possible a distinction has been made between EU15 (the “old EU” countries), EU8 (the new Member States with the exception of Malta and Cyprus), and Non-EU countries (such as BG, RO, RUS, UA, SCG).

Published on: 01/03/2006 - 22:13
Author: IRU
Type of document: Reports & publications
Category: Goods transport, Passenger transport
Region: Europe
Size: 39 pages