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IRU Position on a road freight corridor in the Trans-European Networks (TENs), (2007)

Road freight corridors provide efficient links between the north and south of Europe. It is therefore important to establish a comprehensive road network between the EU-15 and the EU-27. Free-flowing road freight corridors are beneficial as they increase traffic fluidity and efficiency and benefit the environment by reducing congestion and delays while respecting social regulations and minimising logistics planning. This IRU Position supports Trans-European Networks (TENs) and the harmonisation of traffic conditions and bans all over Europe and calls for investment and greater political will to sustain the TEN road freight corridors.

Published on: 10/01/2007 - 14:57
Author: IRU
Type of document: Policy documents
Category: Trade facilitation and transit, Decarbonisation, Goods transport, Networking
Region: Europe
Size: 2 pages