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Shaping the future of road transport

Our mission is to lead solutions to tomorrow’s transport challenges by integrating public responsibility with the interests of business. We provide guidance on policy, research into and implementation of new technologies, and digitalisation of services and strategies to minimise the industry’s carbon footprint.
Together with our global network of members, we provide leadership – bringing flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit to the regulatory drawing board, offering the industry a stronger, more equitable platform for change.

Policy and advocacy input

Active members are non-profit organisations that operate at a national level in one of these sectors:
  • transport of goods for hire and reward
  • transport of goods on own account
  • professional transport of passengers
Or they can represent specific sectors within these industries, like taxis or transport of live animals. Our active members can be part of the IRU Goods Transport Council (CTM), and/or the IRU Passenger Transport Council (CTP), and/or the Taxi Group (TA).
Active members can:
  • nominate and vote for candidates in all IRU elections
  • be part of regional and liaison committees, commissions, and groups of experts
  • view and actively contribute to any policy documents from the groups in which they participate
Associate membership is open to any organisation involved in road transport – directly or indirectly, national or international, profit-making or non-profit.
Associate members cannot nominate or vote for candidates at IRU elections. But they can be part of commissions and groups of experts, upon special request to the Presidential Executive. They can view and actively contribute to any policy documents from the groups in which they are involved.

We work with members to set international standards, and to establish state-of-the-art campaigns and innovations, often in collaboration with the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners, international organisations and policy makers.
IRU also invests in research initiatives and provides the industry with toolkits, guidelines and reports, to inform and offer practical and strategic guidance on a wide range of issues impacting the sector.

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We operate in over 100 countries, across all five continents, working with businesses, industry experts, CEOs, politicians, researchers and other road transport stakeholders – at regional, national or global level. Once members join the network, they can find new clients to expand their businesses, new partners to work with and new ideas to explore.
IRU regularly organises topical events or event series ranging from workshops and roundtables to expert fora or international conferences. Bi-annual statutory meetings offer members the chance to impact policy decisions and become involved in driving change for the industry.

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Our advocacy work focuses on economy, safety, community and the environment. We represent the interests of the road transport industry, working with leading international organisations, such as the United Nations, World Bank, World Customs Organization, governments and policy-influencers, to achieve change.

Members have direct input into working parties and committees as well as projects, campaigns and events throughout the year. Together with our members and their contacts on the ground, we bring the industry’s messages to national and international levels.

Ready to become a member?

Send us the following information:

  • a letter addressed to IRU’s Secretary General expressing your interest in becoming a member;

  • a copy of your constitution and rules of procedure;

  • a copy of your statutes;

  • official documents about the structure, type and importance of your activities (for example, years of experience and volume generated);

  • report showing the geographical scope of your organisation’s activity, number of members of your organisation, and total number of road vehicles operated by your organisation or its members;

  • information on relationship with current IRU members;

  • an audited financial statement or a bank statement stating that your organisation is financially healthy;

  • any other documents or material that can help us when considering your application.

For more information or to submit your application, please contact

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