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Road Safety

Road Transport Intelligence

Safety standards in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States - 2020 When it comes to improving road safety around the world – within the industry and in terms of the industry’s role in helping other sectors – there are a number of challenges that must be tackled. But there are also many opportunities arising from the continuous advancements in technology and in our understanding of human behaviour and what drives safety innovation. Less than 3% of road accidents involve commercial vehicles. Of these, 85% are caused by human error, with 25% due to the professional driver and 75% due to the other road user. This is a small part of the bigger road safety picture. Nevertheless, commercial road transport operators still represent an important stakeholder in the bigger picture – not only by continuing to improve their own safety performance, but also by sharing their experiences and best practices with other safety stakeholders as positive and visible role models on our roads. Data on this dashboard are based on the results of an online quantitative survey developed by Random SA for IRU. This survey was completed by a global sample of 949 respondents (logistics and mobility operators). The survey was conducted in 26 preselected countries across Western and Eastern Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region. All fieldwork took place during the course of October and November 2019.
Last update on: 2 Jun 2021