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IRU Bus Excellence Awards

IRU Bus Excellence Awards

Apply for the Bus Excellence Awards

The aim of the IRU BUS Excellence Award, which is run as part of the global ‘Smart Move’ campaign for better passenger transport, is to promote greater use of urban and inter-urban transport by bus and coach. This Award recognises high quality and cost-effective innovative projects for bus transport in and around urban areas.

Every two years this award is open to transport companies active in regular urban or inter-urban collective transport by bus or coach in any country: any public transport company, whether public or privately owned.

If you would like to apply as a candidate for the Bus Excellence Award, consult here the criteria for entry and more information.

Examples of past projects and winners:

In 2015, Metrobüs, in Istanbul won the Smart Move Bus Excellence Award. Metrobüs is a 50 kilomotre long route that is an example of a model bus rapid transit system. The route connects most of Istanbul’s major metro and tram lines and is used by 800,000 people every day.

Winner 2015

In 2013, STP Alba Iulia, won the IRU Bus Excellence Award 2013 for significant investments in a green and comfortable vehicle fleet accessible to people with special needs, and for its punctual schedule, integrated ticketing system, and customer satisfaction and information policy. The jury rewarded STP SA Alba Iulia for its outstanding and comprehensive quality policy which fulfils the objectives of the Smart Move campaign and will constitute a model for many companies in the region.


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