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Q1: What is TRANSPark?
TRANSPark is a modern, interactive application on the IRU website; a one-stop shop for drivers, offering:
  • search functions to locate, select and contact some 3,000 truck parking areas from Kazakhstan to Portugal;
  • a route planner;
  • fuel prices in 40 countries;
  • border waiting times;
  • flash information on traffic conditions and restrictions;
  • security guidelines and checklists;
  • legal advice and support.
All available free of charge!

Q2: Can I find information on coach parking facilities?
In principle, yes, you can find information on coach parking facilities. Technically, the application is capable of accepting and displaying the same kind of information that it accepts and displays for truck parking facilities. The more people who input coach parking data into the system, for example parking operators, coach drivers, travel guides, tour operators and even coach tourists, the more the system will develop into a useful tool for coach drivers on the road. The more you put in the more you get out!